About Us_

“What is Giant Doma?”

Our doma is giant.

Grayson Lee

Grayson Lee is a PhD student in critical media studies at the University of Toronto, and also works in the Centre for the Study of Korea as administrative staff. I am also a community activist based locally, working on issues of race and equity, and a multimedia artist.

Ryookyung Kim

air bender &
occasional art director

Ryookyung Kim is a Tkaronto-based artist with a focus in tattooing and visual storytelling.

Through a queer, racial, and non-binary lens, their recent personal work has been all about grieving, acceptance, and radical love. They strive to explore and honour their personal growth by creating space for thoughts and feelings to exist, that often reside in realms of sadness, uncertainty, and nostalgia – even when it feels uncomfortable.

Check out www.ryookyung.com for more of their work.

Alex Jung

bursts of energy

In his trade, Alex makes institutional resources usable for more people. Outside of it, he can be found doing local direct action (read: ‘we’re all tired of profit over people; let’s be done with this together’). He compulsively chews on language, process design, and human relationships as something of a life project. He believes in honesty, goodwill, and the wisdom of everyday people.

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